JCA 2019 Business for Good Panel

Daniel Teh

Founder & Executive Director of PopeJai Pte Ltd

Mr Daniel Teh is a gangster turned unconventional social entrepreneur. Under his leadership, PopeJai Pte Ltd, an award-winning social enterprise he founded, has broken employment conventions. With the aim of building an inclusive society, Daniel ensures everyone is given a chance to be employed and trained. He employs eight groups of beneficiaries, which make up about 90% of his workforce. These include persons with intellectual and physical disabilities, those with mental health issues, the hard of hearing/deaf, the visually impaired, youth-at-risk, and the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. Daniel has also created a dynamic working environment to aid his employees in carrying out tasks with ease, integrating technology and equipment modification with an innovative and sustainable business model. 

Daniel is an active advocate for the disadvantaged and youth-at-risk. He serves on the boards and committees of various social organisations and is involved in various grassroots organisations as a key office bearer. He is a member of Sengkang Central Citizen Consultative Committee and PAYM Central Youth Council. Daniel spoke about PopeJai at TEDxNTU 2018. He was also awarded the Singapore Youth Award and PAYM Meritorious Youth Award in 2018.