JCA 2018 Workshop Speaker

Dickson Wong


Dickson has been working in ecological education and nature conservation for more than 15 years. He has cultivated a profound passion for the countryside and ocean of Hong Kong, while acquired tremendous understanding and knowledge on both.

He is the author of “A Guide to the Spiders of Hong Kong,” a first of its kind published in Hong Kong, and has published numerous feature articles on the ecological beauty and concerns through local Chinese news sites such as TheStandNew.com. He is also one of the spokespersons for HKWildlife.Net Forum and a founding member of the Hong Kong Nature Conservationists Christian Fellowship.

Dickson stands strongly against the government proposals to expand the supply of land in the Territories through reclamation projects and development in the Country Parks system, chipping away the ecological integrity of both the treasured land-bound features and marine environment.