JCA 2019 Business for Good Panel

Kenneth Lau & Lee Huiwen

Founders of Studio Asobi

Kenneth and Huiwen are God's children and handiwork, raising their own little child while playing with clay. Corporate executives turned potters, they believe in the redemptive power of beauty in God's kingdom, and take joy in discovering this beauty in the dust of the earth. Through clay workshops, they provide opportunities for hectic city-dwellers to slow down; reunite with their creative souls; and touch the earth with their bare hands.

1 Timothy 6:6 is Studio Asobi's key business model. Partnering with HealthServe, Kenneth and Huiwen run a volunteer program providing free pottery sessions for injured migrant workers - reaching out in gratitude to foreigners in the land, and using this platform to help disciple young adults in their local church.