JCA 2018 Justice Voice Speaker

Nattakarn Noree


Nattakarn is the Aftercare Manager for A21 Thailand. In this role, Nattakarn is responsible for managing the aftercare programme of A21 Thailand, which includes liaising with government institutions and NGOs to create a network of partners that provide aftercare services for A21 case. She also manages the aftercare component of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Pattaya and oversees the management of all cases referred to A21 by local law enforcement and partner organisations.

Prior to joining A21, Nattakarn worked with NGOs to support refugees in the refugee camps on the Thai-Myanmar border. In 2004, she had an opportunity to support the survivors of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in Southern Thailand, which fuelled her passion for and dedication to humanitarian work. Nattakarn earned a bachelor in social work with first class honors from Thammasat University and a master of science in disaster preparedness, mitigation and management from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.