JCA 2017 Justice Voices
JCA 2018 Roundtable Moderator

Patricia Ho


Patricia Ho is a Hong Kong based human rights lawyer. She was raised in Hong Kong in a cross-culture family and developed a preoccupation for standing up for 'what's right' since a young age. Much of her and her firm Daly & Associates' work involves defending the rights of minority groups in Hong Kong by way of challenging government policies and law in judicial reviews. Her cases include a number of landmark judicial review test cases concerning asylum seekers/refugees (issues include access to social welfare, release from detention, permission to work), transgender persons (discriminatory treatment in detention), domestic helpers (right to security), sex workers (right to security) and victims of human trafficking.

Apart from litigation, Patricia provides legal and strategic advice to a number of NGOs in Hong Kong, and works with both local and international bodies to advocate for the rights of marginalised groups, including refugees, asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking in Hong Kong.

Since becoming a mother to two, she has also become passionate about challenging the mould of what a mother and pastor's wife should look like as she juggles between her different roles.