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JCA 2017 Justice Voices

Dr Robert Glover



Robert Glover first visited China in 1996 as a UK social work Manager to research how he could use his professional training to support disadvantaged children. In 1998 Dr Glover founded ‘Care for Children' and accepted an invitation to Shanghai with his family to work in partnership with the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

To acknowledge the unprecedented success of the pilot project, in 2002, Robert was awarded the White Magnolia award by the Mayor of Shanghai for outstanding services to the city. Robert was then asked by the Ministry of Civil Affairs to move to Beijing to act as an advisor to the government and help roll out foster care across China.

In 2005 Robert was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, London, for his work for Care for Children. In 2012 Care for Children was invited to begin a pilot project in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In August 2015, a new National Foster Care Project agreement was signed with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to train all government-run orphanages in Thailand.

Following the success in China and Thailand, and in response to several new government invitations, Robert and Care for Children are making progress to launch new projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, opening up the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. In 2016, Robert was awarded an honorary doctorate by Nyack College in Nyack, New York. Robert has had remarkable success in replicating family placement across Asia. He is often invited to be a keynote speaker and advisor and sits on international steering committees. His work has seen a generation of orphans' lives transformed through the love of a family.