JCA 2017 Workshop Moderator and Speaker
JCA 2018 Workshop Moderator

Tina Chan



Tina Chan is a Hong Kong-based anti-human trafficking activist. She has always been involved in migration and identity issues due to her multicultural background. Tina is currently the Project Manager of STOP (Stop Trafficking Of People), an anti-trafficking initiative that provides legal referral and direct social assistance to victims of trafficking in and around Hong Kong. Before joining STOP, she has worked with several human rights organisations and a philanthropist.

Tina’s passion and work are rooted in social justice. She likes to consider herself an intrapreneur, building projects and programs from the ground up. Committed to being a modern-day slavery abolitionist and human rights activist, she thrives on being a creative individual, an idea-maker, and a problem solver. Her biggest passion is to rethink her approach to the fight against human trafficking using innovative design and technology. Specifically, Tina aims to raise awareness about human trafficking through a culturally-informed perspective.

In 2016, she and her team published Hong Kong’s first Cantonese-English human trafficking dictionary. Now in 2017, she will be launching a set of originally designed (and bilingual) flashcards that will equip the public with knowledge about key human trafficking terms.

Outside of STOP, Tina is an independent researcher, avid reader, and traveller. Her research interests are nationalism and national identity formation.