JCA 2018 Workshop Speaker

Tutu Abourmad



Tutu was raised in a remote village in the jungles of Northern Thailand, a four day walk from a major road. She grew up knowing Jesus due to a grandmother becoming Christian through a visiting missionary in 1878. The faith continued to pass down through the family. Becoming Christian meant the family was banished from the village and life was difficult and dangerous as outcasts.

Tutu’s father, having been orphaned at the age of 10, had a profound effect on her. This gave her a heart for orphans and those suffering from injustice. Through prayer and sensing great vision for the Lord’s work she formed a ministry that now consists of 14 orphan homes to 338 children in Northern Thailand, and 4 refugee schools along the Thai/Myanmar border.

Tutu’s passion for the Burmese refugees is to help children obtain an education to break the cycle of poverty that has existed there since 1946.

Tutu’s motto... Everything begins with “Love One Another.”