“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
The second is this: ‘Love thy neighbour as yourself.’
There is no commandment greater than these.”
— Mark 12:30-31 NIV

The Justice Conference 2019

When we thoughtfully examine the statement “love thy neighbour,” we are compelled to ask who is my neighbour? This question is often met with hostility and justifications, but if we are to truly follow the example of Jesus, we must confront the uncomfortable reality of loving all God’s Children - all made in the image of God.

Across 2 full days, 6 main sessions, 18 workshops, and 5 different workshop streams, The Justice Conference Asia 2019 will open up a conversation on the call we carry to reach out toward the “other” in compassion, justice, and love.

During the conference we will hear from international justice voices and practitioners in Asia who will explore practically what it might look like to love our neighbours as radically as Jesus did. Our conversation will flow from a theology of justice that calls followers of Christ into a more intentional lifestyle of ‘living justly’ as we seek to live out our faith and be disciples of Jesus.

Who We Are

The Justice Conference was birthed out of a simple idea and a compelling paradox – true life is found when we give our lives away on behalf of others. What if Christians truly lived out the message of Jesus and transformed their communities through their love and the practice of authentic justice?

This idea was put into action and The Justice Conference was founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded friends in Bend, Oregon (USA) who dreamed of impacting a generation for justice. The driving value of the conference has always been what is called the theology of justice, that an understanding of God should compel love for others and engagement in justice.

Momentum continues to build around The Justice Conference which now reaches thousands of people around the world. The year 2013 saw the start of The Justice Conference Asia (in Hong Kong, China) and in 2015 Australia held its inaugural conference in Melbourne. In 2019, an expression of The Justice Conference will be run in Singapore, Melbourne, Auckland, São Paulo, Cape Town, London, Amsterdam, and Norway.

The Justice Conference is a vital global platform for the Faith and Justice Community. We are one of the largest biblical and social justice conferences, bringing together world-class speakers and artists into gatherings designed to catalyse emerging works of justice around the world.

Ideas, dreams, and visions don’t change the world. Rather, it’s people — like you and me, who faithfully, prayerfully, and tenaciously live out these ideas, dreams, and visions — who change the world.
— Eugene Cho, Founder of One Day's Wages

The Justice Story in Asia

It’s not hard to see that our world has some complex issues it is currently facing. Mass migration, gender violence, religious intolerance, racial hatred, economic instability, a growing wealth gap, corruption, pollution, political unrest, war. History shows that every generation has its justice battles – but it seems in ours these battles are on an unprecedented scale.

Here in Asia, the world’s justice issues are our issues. They impact our societies, our cities, our communities. Many of them have roots here, flourishing in the soil of our systems and cultures. If there was ever a time when we needed to work together to face the injustice around us, it is now.

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