JCA 2018 Roundtable Speaker

Wiliyasinee Rinya (Pik)


Wiliyasinee Rinya (Pik) is a qualified Lawyer and Barrister-at-Law from Thammassat Law School. In the past 5 years as LIFT’s Head of Legal, Pik has worked on cases of sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation, and child pornography. Pik works to provide solid evidence in court to guarantee convictions and appeals light sentences of traffickers. She supports public prosecutors and provides legal advice to partner NGOs. To date, Pik has successfully claimed ฿13,347,800 (approximately US$400,000) in compensation/restitution for survivors.

Pik is driven by her conviction that survivors of exploitation deserve legal representation. She is passionate about justice and believes the criminal justice system is a powerful tool to eradicate trafficking. Pik’s perspective comes directly from the heart of the courtroom.