The work of justice is hard. It is painful, sacrificial, and often times solitary. It can feel like real tangible progress is a long way off, sustainable change a distant dream. When injustice is our ever-present reality, we could be forgiven for thinking that the future of our justice story is unknown, uncertain, and undefined.

But it's not. Our justice story is God's story, and God is not overwhelmed. He is at work. Every single moment he is moving his creation towards his intended purposes to restore and renew. And because of that our justice journey is not a chasing after the wind. It is purposeful, intentional and prophetic.

The picture our Scriptures give us is that at the end of all things God will make all things new. Yes, All Things New. The messy, complicated, frustrating things. The broken, hopeless, overwhelming things. The things that make us want to quit and give up. They are not lost; they will be restored.


Join us 19–20 October 2018 as together we join God in the renewal of all.








Let’s make justice a process, not an afterthought.
— Simon Tam


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